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Armida barelli

Armida barelli


Armida barelli

MARCH 8: Armida Barelli a witness for all women

"Because we women are a force in Italy"

Founder of the Italian Women's Youth, co-founder of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, founder of the Secular Institute of the Missionaries of the Kingship of Christ: Armida Barelli, What will be beatified the next 30th April, it was important witness of an active presence of women in the Church and in society that is beyond its time.

Her example, starting from the 20s and until her death in 1952, managed to give a fundamental shake to the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls who learned to get out of a limited vision of the female condition by preparing to hire with new awareness of family, work, social and then political responsibilities.

"If she did that, why can't I do it too?". The dedication with which she dedicated herself to each project - from the constitution in every Italian parish of a circle of young Catholic women to the finding of funds for an enterprise that seemed impossible like the creation of a Catholic university in Italy - has convinced many. women to try and succeed where they were incredulous to be able to arrive: public speaking, studying, writing in magazines dedicated to members, traveling, organizing conferences and events.

"Acting also on the social level for the enhancement of women - is written in the Message for the 98th Day for the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (1 May 2022) of the Italian Bishops' Conference - Armida was promoter of an inclusive, welcoming and universal Catholicism. In the season of the return to democracy in our country after the devastation of the war, she encouraged women, for the first time called to vote, to 'understand what are the social principles of the Church to exercise our right as citizens' Why 'we are a force, in Italy, we women '.

There are numerous conferences (attached posters) in the month of March dedicated to his figure that mark the time until the beatification ceremony.

Today at Milano at 15.00 there will be the meeting "With the heart of a woman" promoted by the Catholic University and the Toniolo Institute with an interview with the archbishop of Milan and president of the Toniolo Institute, Msgr. Mario Delpini while a Terni at 17.00 pm there will be the meeting "A woman between two centuries, an extraordinary witness of planning and foresight" promoted by Istess Filosofia, Italian Catholic Action and Literary Café. On March 19 a Teramo there will be “Take care. The woman in the Church and in society on the steps of Armida Barelli”Promoted by diocesan Catholic Action and by the Office for the Laity; again on March 19 a Piacenza the meeting "Armida Barelli and the Catholic University ”promoted by the Association of former students of the S. Isidoro College and by the S. Isidoro College - A. Gasparini University Residence; on 21 March at the Pontifical Antonianum University of Roma the conference "Armida Barelli. Novelty of a charism ”.

For a testimony that never ceases to inspire young people and women of today.

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